Posted on July 27, 2011


I went to Vancouver Art Gallery’s “THE SURREALIST REVOLUTION IN ART” imagining I’d find help understanding images flooding our media. I found surrealist art much too WEIRD for that.

One thing that stood out is the lack of technology at these artists’ disposal. They used pencils, bits of clockwork, native masks, black and white photographs and silent movies. Compare that to the digital imagery of today and it’s like you’re viewing artifacts from an ancient sect dreamed up by H.P. Lovecraft.

I jotted down my impressions of the show:

girl, icon, dream, tropic, mystery

imaginary landscapes, collage

attempts at recreating primitive dieties, collections of amulets, masks

beings vaguely human/animal, something in between the sum of which is neither

Childish music, pencil sketches with Alice in Wonderland alllusions

Acid drawings

Everywhere mystery, legends from the sealed off world of dreams

Images so WEIRD, animal, skeletal, mechanical all combined in way that has no precedent, this is who you are when you can’t dream

Images that imitate motion, wind. Solid objects are drawn away like toffee

Obscure films, very old, in unknown languages, a cow (with cowbell) shooed from mistress’s bed. A snort of disgust in the audience – this makes no sense. These cannot be watched for five minutes or in five minutes.

Pornography with humans crossed with birds, engaged in soap operas LA VIE AMOUREUSE

An altar from a bizarre sect, belonging to H.P. Lovecraft

dolls: dismembered, remembered

Ophelia, Nosferatu, fetish

Geometry of color, human form in all its shapes lost in thought, a memory from a photograph of a discovery made and hidden

statues that mock, views of Paris with human forms in disturbing places best left alone, the work of a sensualist obsession, generals and politicians mocking themselves, but unaware “The dictation of thought in the absence of any control exerted by reason and outside the control of any aesthetic or moral considerations.” “AUTOMATISM” by Breton

life underwater, at first glance a lighthouse

steampunk perspective

defined vs. undefined and what’s in between

a collage with perspective in the twisting fabric

classical bat people in houses where they don’t belong with things that don’t belong there

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