Kids Playing with Guns

Posted on December 23, 2011


This not a Christmas story. Well, it did get laughs from the lone hunter at our office Christmas party.

When I was a kid we had guns in the house. My favorites were the pistols: the Smith & Wesson, a solid piece of artillery, and the Luger, which had a long barrel and a butt stock that you could attach, as well some nice switches. I liked taking the Luger apart and putting it back together, and handling both guns. I liked playing with them too, fighting imaginary battles as kids do. We also had two shotguns, a 16 gauge and a 12 gauge.

When I was thirteen my parents were on vacation and I was in our bathroom downstairs, standing in front of the mirror with one of the shotguns. I was aiming it at the mirror and looking at myself as I pulled the trigger. I had found the shells too. I liked the way the shells slipped into the barrel and the way the gun clicked when I closed it. I was taking the shells out, of course. Then I lifted the gun and pulled the trigger. Boom!

In the small bathroom the noise deafened me for a moment and my ears rang. I looked in shock at a gaping hole had blasted in the mirror.

Lucky for me, my parents were away. I measured the mirror and carefully replaced it, screwing in the new one exactly as the original. I said nothing about it to my parents when they got back, and for a couple of weeks they had no idea what happened.

Then my father went in the closet under the stairs. The stairs were next to the bathroom. He saw the hole blown in the wall and a stud that had been splintered and nearly cut in half. Busted.

There’s probably a moral (or a metaphor) in this.

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